Reimagine Unlearn, Rethink,   Relearn

Epiphany Soul's mission is to build a social alchemy collective in the Heart of Texas (Waco, TX) that will challenge the status quo of how non-profit and for-profit organizations engage black and brown communities in this 21st century.  This includes removing barriers, fostering understanding and cooperation among diverse social identities, communities, and cultures while reorienting toward shared goals and educating youth. 

We care about and uplift the structure and purpose of these communities.  We believe communities need to be reimagined as extraordinary; that people from all backgrounds and communities must unlearn prejudices and stereotypes; and that the current approaches to non-profit and for-profit engagement must be rethought with an emphasis on value and outcomes.

 Why? Because the global problems of today affect local economies and are too complicated to solve with old ways of interacting and engaging. Community-oriented outcomes require people and businesses in the community to collaborate and think outside the box. They call for new approaches and collaborations between the public and private sectors.  They require the creative vigor and resilience of thinkers, leaders, and educators unbridled by convention and custom.


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STEAM Posse engages, inspires, and educates groups of students interested in STEM and Art fields. Our six-day camp is unique in that it allows kids to make friends, learn new skills, and create something spectacular they can be proud of. This year's summer camp includes hands-on seminars, group activities focusing on their post-secondary ambitions, and an investigation of the convergence of STEAM disciplines.


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Individuals affected by homelessness, economic hardship, or other unfortunate situations are provided household, hygiene, and other items from our 'Goods For The Soul' (GiFTS) warehouse to help them regain a sense of self-worth and hope.  

 Our GiFTS warehouse is available to other non-profits and faith-based organizations. 

Popup Dinners

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Epiphany Soul values community and the uniqueness of our ethnic diversity. We host pop-up dinners for two purposes: (1) To fundraise for marginalized students to attend our STEAM Posse Camp; (2) To  help underexposed talent in the arts (culinary, photography, music, spoken word, etc.) acquire visibility and new customers

Community Partnership

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When it comes to forming a partnership with Epiphany Soul, what must you and your organization do in the face of an increasingly discerning audience, a volatile political context and the blurring of previously distinct lines?

Volunteer Opportunity 

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Participate in the process of making communities even stronger and healthier, and assist those who are struggling. Individuals and organizations can take advantage of the diverse range of volunteer opportunities that we provide.

Make A Difference In Someone's Life. Maybe Your Own.

Donate / Sponsorship

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When you support Epiphany Soul, you invest in a stronger, healthier, more connected community with avenues for individuals and businesses to engage, connect, and grow into better neighborhoods and communities.  In addition, historically marginalized students receive year-round support and engagement in order to grow, find their strength, and realize their potential. 

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