Reimagine, Unlearn, Rethink, Embrace

 Epiphany Soul aims to establish a social alchemy collective in the heart of Central Texas (Waco, TX) that will encourage non-profit and for-profit organizations to engage with black and brown communities in innovative ways in this modern era. Our approach involves promoting inclusivity and collaboration across a range of social groups and backgrounds, with a focus on common objectives and educating younger generations.

We prioritize the well-being and enhancement of the structure and purpose of these communities. It is our belief that communities have the potential to be exceptional and that it is important for individuals from diverse backgrounds to challenge their preconceptions and biases. Additionally, we feel that there is a need to reconsider the current methods of non-profit and for-profit involvement, with a focus on achieving meaningful outcomes.

It is important to recognize that the complex global issues of our time have a significant impact on local economies. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt new and innovative approaches to engagement and interaction in order to effectively address these challenges.  We look forward to collaborating with community members who possess a strong creative drive and adaptability, and businesses who are willing to challenge traditional norms and practices.


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Individuals affected by homelessness, economic hardship, or other unfortunate situations are provided household, hygiene, and other items from our 'Goods For The Soul' (GiFTS) warehouse to help them regain a sense of self-worth and hope.  

 Our GiFTS warehouse is available to other non-profits and faith-based organizations. 

Community Partnership

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There are various ways in which community partnership can be established. When considering a partnership with Epiphany Soul, it's important to take into account the discerning nature of today's audience, the current political climate, and the blurring of previously distinct lines. It may be necessary for your organization to adapt accordingly in order to ensure a successful community-based partnership.

Volunteer Opportunity 

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Participate in the process of making communities even stronger and healthier, and assist those who are struggling. Individuals and organizations can take advantage of the diverse range of volunteer opportunities that we provide.

Everyone has the power to positively impact someone's life.

Donate / Sponsorship

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By supporting Epiphany Soul, you contribute to the development of a more robust, thriving, and interconnected community that offers opportunities for individuals and businesses to engage, connect, and flourish, resulting in the creation of better neighborhoods and communities. Furthermore, students who have been historically marginalized are provided with continuous support and engagement throughout the year to help them develop, discover their abilities, and achieve their full potential.

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