Community Partner

Epiphany Soul has a vested interest in fostering strong relationships with communities in Central Texas. Corporations, businesses, and residents have historically fled economically depressed low-income urban and suburban edge-city neighborhoods, but not Epiphany Soul. At a time when foundations that help establish community-based projects are frequently unable to maintain long-term involvement, Epiphany Soul can play a significant role. Universities, faith-based organizations, for-profit organizations, and non-profit organizations that place diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of evaluating outcomes are inherently vital to community-based economic development and civically engaged development. The question is how to significantly tap into this potential.

The following are the pillars on which we base our community partnerships:

  • Mutually advantageous: Our partnership should be mutually beneficial for both Epiphany Soul and your business. We consider whether the advantages outweigh the drawbacks.
  • Values alignment: Epiphany Soul and your organization's values should be congruent. Each of our organizations should operate in a manner that is respectful of the perspectives and values of its members and the community as a whole.
  • Open communication: We believe that we must communicate and agree on the partnership's expectations in order to maintain an open dialogue. What does Epiphany Soul hope to gain from this collaboration? What are the anticipated benefits of the partnership for your business? Transparency is essential for an honest partnership.

We are always looking for community partners, leading thinkers, volunteers and innovative ways to strengthen our community.  Let us know your thoughts and interests.

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